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Weekly Safety Meetings NEW Member Benefit

Illinois Sign Association is focused on helping you make your business stronger. Job site safety is an area where we can help you & your employees at the same time. Illinois Sign Association offers you the opportunity to receive Weekly Safety Meetings as a NEW member benefit! You save at least $76 compared to the retail rate. We’re talking about weekly training for only $99 a year and you get unlimited access to the online Library with over 250 additional Weekly Safety Meetings so you can tailor your training to your needs each week. Even if you download “free” toolbox talks from the web, it will cost you a considerable amount of time to find them, review them, and get them in a usable format, and time is money.

This new Illinois Sign Association benefit makes safety training easier, keeps your employees safer, and makes your business stronger. Your cost of $99 per year for Premium Membership is only available through Illinois Sign Association. Complete the registration form to get signed up today! If you have questions about the program, please contact Linda Dippong.

Safety Meeting Outlines has been publishing Weekly Safety Meetings for over 35 years. Their Meetings have become the de facto standard for job site toolbox talks in the construction industry. They specialize in making toolbox safety talks easy and effective for companies like you. Click here for application!

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