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Revising the Chicago Sign Code

The Illinois Sign Association and Small Business Advocacy Council are encouraged by Mayor Emanuel’s interest in revising the Chicago sign code in order to attract more business to our great city. We believe this effort must be greatly expanded to focus not only on the skyline, but on the many neighborhoods and main streets of Chicago.

Chicago sign companies can attest that the current sign code is burdensome, antiquated, and hampers the ability of local retailers to effectively brand and promote their business. Too often, area sign companies have been unable to provide Chicago stores, restaurants and other retailers the visual communications they need because of complicated sign regulations. Many small businesses can confirm that the sign code creates obstacles that impact their businesses. Extensive revisions are sorely needed!

As other cities revamp their sign codes, the City of Chicago must also implement a code which is clear and straight-forward. This sign code should be drafted in a manner which encourages economic development in Chicago and makes the City an attractive place to own a local business. The new sign code should not be complicated to enforce. It should protect the safety of residents and integrity of local communities.

Chicago needs a set of sign regulations that empowers all businesses. The Illinois Sign Association has the support of the Small Business Advocacy Council and the industry expertise of the International Sign Association. Together, this coalition is willing and able to help Chicago officials draft new regulations that will finally bring the sign code in America’s third largest metropolitan area into the 21st century.

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