The Benefits of Membership

Legislative Assistance

By networking with member companies, utilizing national resources and expertise and working with state and municipal government officials, sign industry interests are articulated and advanced.

At association conferences, owners and managers swap new ideas, learn of emerging technologies and business strategies and gain recognition and support from their peers. Time is also allowed for social activities.  Special training seminars are also held from time to time to offer the latest technology and shop techniques to various member employees.

A quarterly newsletter, special legislative advisories and an annual directory provide member firms with timely, helpful and informative data about the industry; its people, products and problems. Up-to-date information can also be found on the association’s website and obtained via the e-mail list server.
Economic Advantages

Low cost training is available for you and your employees.
Industry Advantages

Opportunities are readily available to assume leadership positions within the Association and thereby work with other respected industry movers and shakers in shaping the future of our respected profession. ISA continually encourages bold, new innovations and strives relentlessly to keep its members apace with this rapidly changing industry. 
Be as proud of your profession as we are—serving the public, our members and the industry. We stand tall.

The Illinois Sign Association (ISA) was founded in 1969 to elevate and promote the standards and professionalism of the custom electric sign industry in sales, manufacturing and service.
Our members epitomize the very best the industry has to offer its customers, the viewing public and the communities where our products and services are marketed. Our abiding concern with the aesthetics of a community have prompted us to work with local officials in a cooperative effort to develop acceptable, but realistic zoning and sign codes.
Educational Programs

Through our association of sign companies, sign users, sign supply distributors, sign manufacturers and manufacturer representatives, we strive daily to provide the latest information and newest technologies, effective business strategies and legislative developments that impact the industry.
Conferences, special training seminars, discounted membership in Safety Meeting Outlines, Inc. of their Weekly Safety Meetings, a quarterly newsletter and various other informational publications keep the membership abreast of what they need to know. ISA also acknowledges excellence of design and individual achievement through special award programs and peer recognition.
For nearly 40 years, ISA has stood tall as a professional trade association serving the ever changing needs of its members and the customers they serve. It has been a partnership of which we are indeed proud! 
Sign Design Contest -Sign companies are recognized for their hard work and creativity.
Ten Important Reasons to Join the Illinois Sign Association
1. Images - The quarterly newsletter that reports news about the people, events and latest sign industry technologies that you won’t find in the national magazine.

2. Member Conferences to learn, socialize and effectively network with our peers.

3. The annual Sign Design Contest - An opportunity to show off your latest work, and also see what other sign professionals are creating for their clients.

4. Peer recognition - Awards for your creative output as well as distinguished service to the industry.

5. Special training seminars for you, your supervisors and technicians in such diverse areas as computer technology, OSHA safety certification, sign lighting and crane/ladder operations.

6. Annual Membership Directory -A veritable “who’s who” of the finest sign companies and industry vendors that belong to the Illinois Sign Association.

7. Legislative monitoring and advocacy promoting less regulation and greater government recognition of the problems encountered by small businesses.

8. Industry dialog with community leaders, including sharing of vital sign ordinance information with local planners and other key officials.

9. Special publications distributed, often free of charge, to the members to keep them abreast of governmental regulations, new technologies and unique growth opportunities.

10. Finally - and perhaps most importantly - being part of a special fraternity of professionals who are among the finest signmakers in Illinois - members of the ILLINOIS SIGN ASSOCIATION!